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Nexa Autocolor's innovative range of clearcoats provides bodyshops with state-of-the-art solutions that enhance their efficiency and profitability

This comprehensive range of hardeners and thinners optimise the repair process and enable spot repairs through to total resprays to be carried out under a wide range of temperatures and bodyshop conditions.

Waterborne Clearcoat
P910-5510 is designed to be used over Aquabase Plus and represents a major step forward in waterborne technology. It is easy to mix and benefits from a "one visit" application process reducing application times. It also gives an excellent glossy finish with easy fade-out capability. P910-5510 clearcoat completes the Nexa Autocolor full waterborne system with Aquabase Plus Waterborne Basecoat and P950-2028 Waterborne Epoxy Primer.



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