2K® Express Plus Clearcoat

Product Description

The NEXA AUTOCOLOR® 2K Express Plus Clearcoat has been developed to help Bodyshops maximise throughput and reduce energy usage, while achieving an exceptional final appearance.

The 2K Express Plus Clearcoat is user friendly and fast drying, which reduces the bake cycle and allows Bodyshop work to be completed faster.  

Product Code: P190-8000




  • Very Easy Application.
  • Very Fast Dry.
  • Hard Dry out of oven.
  • Excellent Appearance.
  • 1 Hour pot life means fast process for the largest jobs.
  • Easy Polishing.
  • Jobs right first time reducing rework.
  • Frees up booth time for more work and saves energy cost.
  • Panels can be fitted up straight away reducing key to key times.
  • Much less polishing to do increasing customer satisfaction and reducing labour time.
  • Time savings on all jobs not just the small ones.
  • Much less time spent polishing freeing up labour time.


Application Process

Mixing by weight




Standard System

2 parts

2 parts

0.5  parts

Pot-Life at 20°C

60 minutes P852-1660

120 minutes P852-1661


Spray viscosity

17-19 secs DIN4 at 20°C

Spraygun Size

1.2 mm. 


Number of Coats

1 light/medium & 1 full coat 

Drying times: Bake at 60°C

5 minutes

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet J2970V.