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Time that commercial vehicles spend "off road" is money lost for fleet owners. Experienced bodyshops work to the principle of "the faster, the better".

But the paint supplier who can make the difference to profitability and customer satisfaction does not only sell the fastest cycle but also delivers the highest quality.

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand proudly delivers not only fast repair solutions, but provides the best solution for each vehicle, application and substrate to increase productivity and efficiency for our partners. This translates to greatly reduced "off-road" time for customers.

Our technology is driven by process optimisation, and committed experts in each region of Europe can advise you on getting a great finish while maximising convenience and minimising labour costs.

Fast Repair process
A simple and easy-to-use process designed for the rapid repair of small areas.

Cycles for different substrates
Nexa Autocolor brand has developed best-in-class "process cycles" to ensure that refurbishers and bodyshops using our range to work on numerous types of substrate (for example, aluminium, plastic, galvanised steel and others) will always achieve outstanding results.

Plastic Painting cycles
A range of products for the successful painting of all paintable plastic substrates, from cleaning and preparation through to topcoating.


NEXA AUTOCOLOR® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.