Product Description

Designed over the need of commercial vehicle refurbishers and fleet owners, EHS Turbo Plus  (P498 line) topcoat is a versatile Extra High Solids 2K acrylic paint system delivering superior appearance, durability and leading edge colour matching accuracy.

When searching for appearence, color accuracy and gloss, EHS Turbo Plus is the only answer.

Thanks to the high level of solid contects, EHS Turbo Plus topcoat is recognized to be delivering the best quality through an highly efficient system. 

EHS Turbo Plus ready mix is available in virtually any shade of solids colour you may need: to obtain further detail, please contact your NEXA AUTOCOLOR® representative.

Product Code: P498



Application Process

Mixing by weight

EHS Turbo Plus P498-, P494-

P210-982/-983/-984 hardeners

P852-179 thinner*

Standard Process

3 parts

2 parts

1 part

Potlife  at 20°C

2 hours


Spray viscosity

19-24 secs DIN4 / 20°c

Spraygun Size

1.4 – 1.8 mm.


Number of Coats (2 coats)

2 single coats


10 -15 minutes minimum between coats

Drying times

Air dry (20°C)

Stoving at metal temperature of 60°C


8 hours handleable

30 minutes

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet V0930V.