TURBO VISION® Premium High Flow Topcoat

Product Description

TURBO VISION® Premium High Flow Topcoat is a 2-Pack tinter-binder topcoat system, offering an outstanding gloss and final appearance, developed with the latest technology and raw materials to offer the Commercial Vehicle segments “Best in Class” for

  • Innovation
  • Optimisation
  • Excellence

Product Code: P650-1000



Achieve tangible benefits, such as:



Consult the TURBO VISION® video library to discover more tangible benefits.



 Application summary

Temperature <15°C 15°C 20°C 20-25°C 25-30°C 25-35°C
Combination Extra Fast  Fast  Standard/Fast   Standard/Slow Slow/Medium  Slow 
Job size Very small/Spot Small Small Medium to large Small to medium Medium to large
Hardener (*) P210-7644        P210-7642  
Thinner (**) P852-6448 P852-6446 P852-6444 P852-6442 P852-6444 P852-6442
Potlife <30 min 1 hour   > 2 hours   > 2 hours   > 2 hours  > 2 hours  
Airdry schedule <1 hour 2 hours 2-3 hours 3 hours overnight overnight
Baking schedule Airdry 20 min @50°C 30 min @50°C  30 min @50°C  30 min @50°C  30 min @50°C 




23 tinters available with 5 "Trace" tinters

  • For more accurate and easy colour mixing
  • Excellent hiding power leading to material savings and extended colour capability and consistency


  • P600-9101    Mid Blue              
  • P600-9102    Blue       
  • P600-9103    Deep Blue           
  • P600-9112    Pale Blue             
  • P600-9201    Purple   
  • P600-9202    Transparent Burgundy  
  • P600-9203    Royal Purple      
  • P600-9301    Forest Green     
  • P600-9401    Orange 
  • P600-9402    Fire Red               
  • P600-9403    Red Oxide           
  • P600-9404    Deep Magenta             


  • P600-9413    Pale Red Oxide 
  • P600-9501    White    
  • P600-9511    Pale White          
  • P600-9601    Yellow   
  • P600-9602    Sun Yellow          
  • P600-9603    Yellow Oxide     
  • P600-9605    Green Shade Yellow       
  • P600-9613    Pale Yellow Oxide            
  • P600-9801    Deep Black          
  • P600-9802    Cool Black           
  • P600-9812    Pale Black 



To be used with the following ANCILLARIES:



  • P210-7642  EHS Hardener – Slow
  • P210-7644  EHS Hardener – Standard
  • P852-6440  EHS Thinner – Very Slow
  • P852-6442  EHS Thinner – Slow
  • P852-6444  EHS Thinner – Medium
  • P852-6446  EHS Thinner – Fast
  • P852-6448  EHS Thinner- Extra Fast
  • P852-6400 EHS Thinner – Fade Out



Application process - Set up

Conventional, Pressure Pot or Air Assisted Airless application.


Mixing by volume 

Turbo Vision Premium High Flow EHS Topcoat

P210-764x hardener (*)

P852-644x thinner (**)




Spray viscosity

18-22 secs DIN4 / 20°c

Spraygun Size

1,3-1,5 mm.


Number of Coats

1 Visit

2 coats


1 light coat + 1 Full coat 

1 Medium closed + 1 Full coat


Between coats

Before bake


2-3 minutes for 1 visit and 10 minutes for 2 coats

10 minutes for 1 visit and 10 minutes for 2 coats

 For additional information, consult technical data sheet V1000V.




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