TURBO VISION®, our revolutionary new line for commercial transport coatings, aims to empower you to reach greater levels of innovation, process optimisation and colour excellence whilst also being fast-drying, easy to apply and providing a durable gloss and finish.

With our library of short videos, now you get the chance to watch Turbo Vision application demonstrations and check yourself how revolutionary your consider the Turbo Vision performance in terms of one visit application, colour stability, airdrying, multistripe capability as well as in matching all gloss levels.

Consult our videos and let us know your feedback.

Binders being tested


P650-1000 Premium High Flow Binder

Easy to spray topcoat providing high opacity, outstanding gloss and general appearance with long term durability. Thanks to the selection of its ancillaries, P650-1000 Premium High Flow Binder - can be used from small to large area in a wide range of temperature conditions - can be baked at low temperature or left airdry.




P650-6000 Matt Binder

P650-6000 Matt Binder, used as supplied or blended with other Turbo Vision Binders, offers all the versatility you need to achieve consistent flat matt, semi-matt and semi-gloss finishes no matter if applied on smaller or larger paint areas.


Performance in ONE visit


Colour Stability


Air Drying Capability


Multistripe  Capability


Ability to match all gloss levels






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