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For NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand, optimising processes for our commercial vehicle bodyshops and end users means offering the best undercoats for a range of vehicle types.

A commercial vehicle such as a chassis or trailer won't always require the same type of pretreatment and primer for its repair or refurbishment as a luxury bus would.

While the priority is sometimes a protective primer whose main scope is to produce the smoothest finish, in the commercial market, the aim is often to achieve the greatest durability and resistance to climate heavy conditions and enable a longer life on the road.

Over recent decades, primers have been developed that achieve the mechanical and anticorrosive performances necessary to meet the most stringent requirements for commercial vehicle manufacturers and for ISO Certification.

Our primers are produced in a range of colours and are flexible enough to work with any kind of equipment, with the focus always on ease of use to maximise our end users' productivity.

Etch Primers
Designed to give excellent corrosion resistance and adhesive properties over metal substrates, such as steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.

Wet-on-Wet Primers
These primers offer a fast solution when working over large surfaces, having direct adhesion over diverse substrates and thus improving end users' productivity and profitability.

Their excellent adhesion and hold-out properties create an extremely user-friendly product, while delivering low VOC emissions.

Primer Surfacers and Fillers
This range provides solutions for drying and filling over large areas and for several types of applications and equipment.

It creates film build to fill scratches, provides a level surface, and gives good gloss hold-out over a wide range of substrates.

Epoxy Primers
A complete set of primers, delivering excellent durability and corrosion resistance.


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