The cost of accident repairs in a ADAS vehicle is up to five times higher

Fewer repairs, more costly. This is the main effect that the generalization of the ADAS systems will have in the European bodywork market, once this safety technology becomes widespread in the continental vehicle pool.

 According to estimations by the automobile innovation platform World Shopper, the average cost of body repair in a vehicle equipped with numerous ADAS systems, considering a crash at 25 kilometers per hour, is five times higher than in a regular vehicle. So, in a way, the higher value of these repairs will make up for the reduction in the number of accidents with damages, estimated at up to 80% until 2040.

 In addition, on top of the paint and body damages as a result of wear and bad weather, which will still happen to vehicles with ADAS systems, this type of automobile will also need the periodic calibration, performed at a garage/shop, of the sensors needed to properly function. World Shopper warns that bodywork garage/shop owners will have to invest in the required equipment and technician training, both for ADAS systems repair and sensor calibration.