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2 Shops Anticipate Increasing Their Fees
63% of shops anticipate increasing their fees before the end of the year in order to continue being profitable

This is what the latest study by The Motor Ombudsman showed regarding the current situation and the future challenges for repair shops in the United Kingdom.

2 Body Parts Market
Body parts market regains its dynamism, but not as much as mechanics

Europe is regaining goods and passenger transportation. In many countries the number of road trips have reached their pre-pandemic level.

04 Cost Of Accident Repairs In A ADAS
The cost of accident repairs in a ADAS vehicle is up to five times higher

Fewer repairs, more costly. This is the main effect that the generalization of the ADAS systems will have in the European bodywork market, once this safety technology becomes widespread in the continental vehicle pool.

1 Car Mobility
Europe regains its pre-pandemic mobility, revitalizing the body repairs

European motorists are already driving their vehicles more kilometers than they did before the pandemic, as shown by a range of mobility indicators

02 Will Electric Car Bodies With Fewer Pieces Contribute To An Increase In The Repair Cost Body And Paint Shops
Will electric car bodies with fewer pieces contribute to an increase in the repair cost body and paint shops?

The strategy by Tesla to manufacture car bodies with fewer pieces is appealing to other electric vehicle manufacturers.

Zrzut Ekranu 2021 12 20 104622
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

With our warmest appreciation We send you our best wishes for a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year

El Acero Seguirá Siendo Fundamental
Steel will continue to be essential in electric vehicles’ bodies

Vehicle makers know that the efficiency of an electric car is closely linked to the design of its body. This is why more and more industry experts are anticipating a future of bodies specifically designed for the electric vehicle.

European Garage Associations Warn About
European garage associations warn about the lack of qualified labor in bodywork repair

Bodywork and paint shops are not attractive for young Europeans who are thinking about their professional future.

210824 Nexa SPOD 1400X784px V1
New clearcoat for the TURBO VISION® Commercial Transport range

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® introduces P190-1400 EHS Clearcoat to its innovative TURBO VISION® commercial transport platform.

Do electric cars have a higher possibility of bodywork damages?

A study has compared the accident rate of electric cars compared with those of combustion motors in case of a fleet of 1.000 vehicles.

EMEA 2_Dispositivos aerodinamicos.jpg
Are the new truck and trailer aerodynamic parts a business opportunity for bodywork garages?

The aerodynamics of European trucks still have a lot of ground to make up. On this matter, the European Union has introduced modifications in its legislation in order to improve the cabins that will be put up for sale starting in May of 2020.

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® celebrates one year of MOONWALK™

PPG’s revolutionary paint mixing system MOONWALK™ is celebrating its first anniversary.