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European Garage Associations Warn About
European garage associations warn about the lack of qualified labor in bodywork repair

Bodywork and paint shops are not attractive for young Europeans who are thinking about their professional future.

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New clearcoat for the TURBO VISION® Commercial Transport range

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® introduces P190-1400 EHS Clearcoat to its innovative TURBO VISION® commercial transport platform.

Do electric cars have a higher possibility of bodywork damages?

A study has compared the accident rate of electric cars compared with those of combustion motors in case of a fleet of 1.000 vehicles.

EMEA 2_Dispositivos aerodinamicos.jpg
Are the new truck and trailer aerodynamic parts a business opportunity for bodywork garages?

The aerodynamics of European trucks still have a lot of ground to make up. On this matter, the European Union has introduced modifications in its legislation in order to improve the cabins that will be put up for sale starting in May of 2020.

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® celebrates one year of MOONWALK™

PPG’s revolutionary paint mixing system MOONWALK™ is celebrating its first anniversary.

EMEA 1 - Talleres de chapa y pintura comprometidos con el medioambiente.jpg
Bodywork and paint garages, committed to the environment: an added value for the clients

The commitment to the environment by the bodywork and paint garages can be a strong commercial argument in the eyes of their clients, whether they are companies or private clients.

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Is it necessary to change the bodywork design to eliminate blind spots?

The design of each vehicle’s body determines the blind areas that, little by little, are getting covered by different systems that the rearview mirror did not reach.

ŠKODA approval strengthens NEXA AUTOCOLOR®’s position in Czech Republic

NEXA AUTOCOLOR® has become one of only three refinish paint suppliers to gain local approval from Czech automobile manufacturer, ŠKODA AUTO.

Solar panels in the bodywork of cars? The first models are here!

Automotive is at one of the most crucial moments ever seen in more than its 100 years of history.

1.Clock shifts increases car crashes.jpg
Can clock shifts increase the number of car crashes?

In the early hours of Sunday, October 27, we returned to standard time in the EU, until the end of March, when we will go back to summer time

01_One out of every ten drivers parks by ear.jpg (1)
Did you know that one out of every ten drivers parks "by ear"?

Parking is one of the maneuvers in which more drivers put their car's body and paint at risk. Not for nothing, it's one of the most stressful driving situations

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What if car makers were thinking about incorporating organic materials into the bodywork of cars?

Statistics show that new cars are becoming heavier, due to, for example, improved safety functions and more electronic equipment. This increase in weight means higher levels of gas consumption, an aspect that goes against the goal of reducing CO2.